Financial Aid

Updated 2015

Financial Aid Policies and Application Form (rev 1/14)

As part of The Center for Irish Music’s mission as a non-profit community music school, we make every effort to keep music classes and lessons affordable and easily accessible.  Our Financial Aid Program was created specifically for the purpose of assisting individuals and families with demonstrated economic need.

The information below should help to answer most questions regarding the financial aid program. However, for additional information, please contact Lorin at (651) 815-0083 or

Any individual may apply for financial aid, though preference may be given to students under the age of 18. Applications must be legibly printed in ink or typewritten and must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Applications received are held for review until the next Financial Aid Committee meeting. A student can begin lessons at the Center while their financial aid application is pending, however, all fees will be charged at the regular class/lesson rate. If multiple family members are applying for aid, an application must be filled out for each student. 

Every effort is made to protect the privacy of the individual/family applying for financial aid. Upon receiving applications, all personal information is removed and the application itself is given a code number as it is reviewed.

Application process
All requests for tuition assistance require 2 pieces of information:

  • A completed Request for Financial Aid Application form.

And ONE of the following:

  • Proof of eligibility for school lunch programs


  • A copy of the first two pages of the applicant family's most recent Form 1040 tax return.

These two pieces of application information can be sent via U.S. mail to 836 Prior Ave North, St. Paul, MN 55104 and need to be postmarked by the deadlines listed below. Applications received after the posted deadlines will be held for review at the next financial aid committee meeting. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until both pieces of information are submitted.  

Students who are awarded financial aid in the Fall term must contact administration via email before the financial aid deadline for the following terms to clarify intended enrolment in order to be considered for a continuation of financial aid.  

Committee Review Process
The Center for Irish Music’s Board of Directors has designed a Financial Aid Committee that reviews all applications. Applications for renewal of financial aid for current students are evaluated first, then new applications. Awards are made primarily on the basis of need until available funding limits have been reached.  Monies are awarded based on the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee.
Deadlines for applications for tuition assistance are as follows:

  • For Past and Current CIM Students:
    • August 15 (Fall Session)
    • December 15 (Winter/Spring Session)
  • For Summer Session or Minnesota Irish Musicians Weekend:
    • May 15

Notification of Awards/Denials
Notification of a financial aid award/denial will usually be made through a letter to the individual or family within two weeks after the Financial Aid Committee meets. A letter detailing the percentage of tuition assistance and terms for paying the remaining balance of the amount owed will be outlined.

Amount of Award
Center for Irish Music Aid:
Contingent on available funds, the Center’s Financial Aid Committee can provide between a 20%-50% discount off regular tuition, based on a student’s degree of demonstrated financial need. The remaining balance owed by an individual/family must be paid on a monthly basis. Please note, an annual membership fee is required of all students of the Center for Irish Music and can be waived based on financial need.

Minnesota Irish Musicians Weekend Aid:
Financial aid is available to help offset the cost of tuition for the Minnesota Irish Musicians Weekend. These tuition awards cover classes, ceili and concert, but do not cover the cost of lodging, transportation or meals during the weekend.

Renewals and Reapplication Requirement 

All Center for Irish Music financial aid recipients will be required to reapply for consideration on an annual basis, by August 15 of each year. This will involve completion of the application for assistance and a review of the student's progress to date. Awards levels are reviewed and adjusted both by term and annually, based on the volume of applications and changes to family income levels.

Students who are awarded financial aid in the Fall term must contact administration via email before the financial aid deadline for the following terms to clarify intended enrollment in order to be considered for a continuation of financial aid.  

Financial Aid can be renewed as long as the student continues to make diligent efforts in his/her musical studies. While receiving aid, students are required to attend classes regularly and perform at each CIM recital. Failure to do so will jeopardize renewal of assistance. Failure to make payments on time on the remaining balance owed will also jeopardize future financial aid consideration.

Changes in Financial Aid Policies and Procedures
The Center reserves the right to amend any of its financial aid policies and procedures at any time through action by its Board of Directors and the Center’s Financial Aid Committee. Changes will be made public on the website and with a letter to the applicant families.

Non-Discriminatory Policy
The Center for Irish music does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid policies and other school-administrated programs, and admits all registered students to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available through the school.

For additional information, please contact The Center for Irish Music directly at (651) 815-0083.