Ensembles 2017-18

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Welcome to the CIM ensemble program!  Irish music is social music, music to be shared among friends!  The Center for Irish Music offers a number of mixed instrument ensembles for youth and adults, and have proven to be some of our most popular classes in recent years.  Once you have reached a basic level of proficiency on your instrument, an ensemble can be a great way to take your music to the next level.  If you can play 10 tunes or more at a reasonable speed with precision and great rhythm, you are ready to try ensemble playing!

Contact us today to see what might be a good fit for you or your child.

Benefits of ensemble

  • More time on your instrument!  You will play more every week, increasing your practice time and facility on your instrument.
  • More tunes!  You'll learn more repertoire, and possibly a more varied repertoire than you might develop with private lessons alone.
  • More fun!  You'll meet like-minded musicians share a passion for Irish music.
  • More challenge!  Playing in an ensemble context brings with it musical challenges such as playing together with others with good rhythm, intonation, groove and drive.
  • Performances!  Most of our ensembles perform in public throughout the year.

Ensemble private lesson requirements

  • Ensemble members receive a 10% discount on private lessons
  • We require that all ensemble members, adult or youth take private lessons on their principle ensemble instrument from a CIM instructor.  Every other week lessons is the minimum requirement, weekly lessons are recommended.*

*Advanced youth ensemble and Starling ensemble members must take weekly private lessons on their principle ensemble instrument.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

  • Financial aid is available to all CIM students.
  • As we are able, we award scholarships to outstanding ensemble students.  Scholarship students have attendance requirements and are not available to those who attend partial terms.  Contact us if you would like more information.


Intermediate Youth Ensembles

Advanced Youth Ensembles

Weekly lessons on principal ensemble instrument is required for the following ensembles.

Adult Ensembles - Intermediate-Advanced Levels