Student Sessions

CIM family/student sessions have relocated to Keegan's Pub for a weekly learners session!

For a number of years, CIM offered a "Family, or Student Session" twice a month on Sunday afternoons at 2:30 at the Celtic Junction, hosted by Tom Lockney and Charlie Heymann.  There was a small and dedicated group of students and instructors attending for years, however based on low attendance and limited instructor availability, we have join forces with the learner's session at Keegan's pub.  The Keegan's/CIM learner's session takes place every Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm at Keegan's Pub at 16 University Avenue NE, Minneapolis. 

The Keegan's/CIM learner's session focuses on the tunes and sets from the CIM Common Repertoire.  A new tune is taught each week, and other tunes will be reviewed by playing sets from that same source. The ultimate goal is to graduate to the regular (6:00) Keegan's session and other sessions! Tom Lockney is leading the charge, but he will be joined by Charlie and other CIM instructors on occasion.

Thanks to Tom Lockney and Charlie Heymann for leading the CIM student session for the past few years and thanks to the students who have attended and learned so many tunes along with them! 

CIM still hosts sessions at the Celtic Junction at gatherings such as the Open House, Volunteer party, special holiday sessions and at the Minnesota Irish Music Weekend.  We look forward to seeing you there and, hopefully at the new Keegan's/CIM learner's session.