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Student Announcements

updated 5/16/18 HCM

SUMMER LESSON REGISTRATION - To renew a current lesson, email Hannah. To schedule a new lesson, fill out the new lesson inquiry form on the registration site.

NEW REGISTRATION SYSTEM! We have a new registration system, thanks to support from our generous donors and a grant from the Metro Regional Arts Council. The new platform features a mobile-friendly registration site and student portal where you can view, register and pay for group classes, ensembles, workshops and summer camps. You can also easily purchase CIM merchandise and/or make a tax-deductible donation in one convenient online location.

Private lessons will continue to be administered manually through the office by contacting Hannah Carr-Murphy at, but you will notice some major improvements when you log in! The new system is much better-equipped to handle one-on-one private lesson scheduling.


  1. Final spring term balances are overdue. Once spring term balances are cleared, your account in the "old system" will be closed.
  2. To pay your spring balance, log into your "old account" by going to this link.


****Email addresses for additional contacts and family members have not been imported. Please log into your account to update this key information!****

Students who have been enrolled in the past two years already have an account in the new system. To log in, click on the "student portal" link on the upper right-hand of our website. Enter the same email address you use for the old registration system, scroll down and click on "don't know your password" and follow the prompts to create a new password. Primary contact, additional contact information, birthdates and emergency contacts are in your account. 

Please take 5 minutes to login, agree to updated policies and update contact information before June 1st. 


  • As of Summer Term 2018, we will require a 20% deposit on all lessons and classes to be paid before your first lesson or class. If you have not paid, you cannot come to your lesson. Once you have paid your 20% deposit, you're officially enrolled.  Until then, your enrollment is pending.
  • Starting in the Fall Term, each student will be charged an annual $20 registration fee. The $50 family registration fee will no longer be available. Families with more than one student will receive the 5% family discount on all fees as long as students register by the term registration deadline.
  • NEW - Automatic monthly credit card payments! Automatic monthly credit card payments are called "payment plans" in the new platform, and can be chosen as a payment option when you checkout and pay for your registrations. Automatic monthly credit card payments (payment plans) are only available on credit cards.
  • NEW - ACH payments, or e-check payments! These are basically electronic check payments and they are very cost effective and efficient for both students and the CIM. Credit cards charge CIM a fee and percentage of the transacction amount.  ACH payments cost 50 cents and 0% of the transaction.  Contact us if you have any questions.
  • NEW - You will be able to view your exact private lesson schedules from your student portal. Wow!
  • NEW - Online registration for Harvest Home AVAILABLE FROM A DESKTOP ONLY!

Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we go through this exciting transition. No question is too trivial. We are on a steep learning curve ourselves, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are having a problem.  - CIM Staff

- Check out our summer camps! Registration for summer is open!

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

  • May 18 - Spring Adult Student Open Mic - sign up here!
  • May 20 - Spring Youth Recitals, 1-6pm, info
  • May 21 - Registration deadline for returning students to reserve/keep private lesson slots. Balance from previous term must be zero to renew lesson times.
  • May 29 - Registration deadline for 5% family discount. You will receive the discount if you have contacted Hannah by this deadline, even if she completes your registration after May 29.
  • June 11-August 29 - SUMMER TERM - make up week runs from August 21-27
  • August 10-12 - Irish Fair of Minnesota - CIM performances and CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS
  • August 12-19 - All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in Drogheda, Ireland
  • August 21-27 - Make-up week for summer term.

Student Documents

Orientation for New Students

The Center for Irish Music welcomes students of any age and level! We love our students and are so happy to have you as a part of our traditional Irish music family.  Please take a moment to peruse our website.  In addition to information about the CIM, this website includes a wealth of information about the local Twin Cities Irish music scene.  Here are some useful online spots, both for admin and music.

Admin-related links

  • Bookmark this page! - for student announcements, upcoming dates, performances etc.
  • CIM's Facebook page is very active.  "Like" our page and follow what we are up to.
  • Important CIM Dates - we publish a pdf of important dates on our calendar page.  We also do our best to keep our google calendar up to date (also on the calendar page).
  • CIM newsletter - All CIM students are automatically signed up for our monthly newsletter.  If you are not receiving our e-newsletter, please sign up on the newsletter page, or contact us at  All newsletters are archived on our newsletter page.
  • CIM Policies - if you ever need to refer to our policies for private lessons or classes, they are here!
  • YOUR student portal!!  You have a student portal with our online registration system, where you can access your account, see when your lessons are and view your past enrollment.  Click on the "Student Portal" link at the upper right-hand corner of every page of our site!  Contact us at with any questions.

Music-related links

  • CIM Common Repertoire - (under the "Resources" tab).  Every few years, we develop an online resource of tunes for our students.  This is a great place to learn tunes that your fellow students will know.  We are currently working on a 2016 common repertoire.
  • Recitals - we hold two recitals a year for all of our students and encourage ALL of you to participate.  Our recitals are one of the BEST places to meet new musical friends and families.
  • Local Sessions - be a part of the Twin Cities' vibrant tune-playing community by going to listen or play at a session!  Don't be shy...  You may even be able to convince your instructor to go with you... (or maybe he or she is already there every week)!  CIM instructor, Tom Lockney, runs a learner's session at Keegan's pub on Sundays from 4-6pm that many of our students attend.
  • Instruments FAQ page - there is a small amount of information about where/how to buy Irish traditional instruments and recommendations of local businesses that will help you with repairs.  This information comes directly from our instructors - they are your best resource for any instrument-related questions!
  • Local Music Competitions & Midwest Fleadh Cheoil pages - for those of you who benefit from the pressure of a good, solid deadine (that is likely most of you)!  We highly recommend these opportunities, particularly for under-18 musicians, as a way to improve and increase your enjoyment of the music.

CIM Google Calendar

We keep this google calendar up to date with events, classes, workshops, board meetings and event planning committee meetings.

How to Stay Connected

Visit this google document to learn about how to stay connected to things at CIM!