Midwest Fleadh 2018 results

2018 Midwest Fleadh Cheoil Results

Congratulations to the Center for Irish Music's passionate and hard-working students who competed at the Midwest Regional Fleadh in St. Louis this year!  The Center for Irish Music sent 36 students with 71 entries, with 54 placing in the top three! 

Instructors Norah Rendell, Brian Miller, Hannah Flowers, Chad McAnally, and Mary Vanorny went along on the trip to play with the accompaniment students, support families and lead group competition rehearsals. All in all, it was a very successful trip! All of the students, parents and instructors had a wonderful time getting to know one another better as we enjoyed tunes on the bus, meals together and many good chats throughout the weekend.

We'd like to send a special thanks to the CIM instructors who helped prepare their students for the fleadh this year and to their parents for all of their support.  It takes extra dedication on the part of students and instructors to prepare for such an event, and you all did a wonderful job.  Our students would not have done so well without you. 

Below is a list of the competitors/competitions who placed this year.  First and second places qualify to compete in Ireland. 

Group Competitions

U18 Ceili Band 1st place Adrienne O'Shea - Piano
Cathal Mee - Drums
Ian McKenna - Accordion
Victoria Pierce - Banjo
Declan Coleman - Banjo
Julia DeGeorgeo - Fiddle
Nadia Simons - Fiddle
Joe DeGeorgeo - Fiddle
Fiona McKennna - Flute
Carmen Pasquerella - Flute
U18 Grúpa Ceoil 1st place Adrienne O'Shea - Flute/Whistle
Ava Sackaroff - Flute/Bodhran
Carmen Pasquerella - Flute/Whistle
Fiona McKennna - Whistle
Ian McKenna - Accordion
Cathal Mee - Accordion
Julia DeGeorgeo - Fiddle
Joe DeGeorgeo - Fiddle
Nadia Simons - Fiddle
Declan Coleman - Banjo
Victoria Pierce - Guitar/Banjo
Finn Coleman - Harp
U15 Ceili Band 2nd place Liam O'Shea - Piano
Declan Byng - Drums
Cathal Mee - Accordion
Olivia Wenner - Concertina
Owen Larson - Fiddle
Charlie Ninow - Mandolin
Finn Coleman - Mandolin
Morien McBurnie - Banjo
Ava Sackaroff - Flute
Katie Glazer - Whistle
O18 Grúpa Ceoil 3rd place Emma Liu - Fiddle
Bob Ford - Octave Mandolin
Mike O'Connor - Guitar
Dave McKenna - Flute
J Wynia - Mandolin, Spoons
Aja McCullough Beers - Whistle
Ben Crowe - Banjo


U15 Duet 1st place Ava Sackaroff, Carmen Pasquerella
U18 Duet 1st place Joe DeGeorgeo, Ian McKenna
U15 Duet 3rd place Declan Coleman, Cathal Mee
U18 Duet 3rd place Adrienne O'Shea, Victoria Pierce


U18 Trio 1st place Declan Coleman, Joe DeGeorgeo, Ian McKenna
O18 Trio 1st place Aja McCullough Beers, Dave McKenna, Emma Liu
U18 Trio 2nd place Carmen Pasquerella, Julia DeGeorgeo, Adrienne O'Shea
U15 Trio 2nd place Morien McBurnie, Olivia Wenner, Katie Glazer
U18 Trio 3rd place Victoria Pierce, Ava Sackaroff, Cathal Mee

Solo Competitions (by order of competition number and place)

U12 Fiddle 1st place Owen Larsen
U12 Button Accordion 1st place Cathal Mee
U15 Flute 1st place Carmen Pasquerella
U18 Flute 1st place Adrienne O'Shea
U15 Tin Whistle 1st place Carmen Pasquerella
U18 Tin Whistle 1st place Adrienne O'Shea
U12 Mandolin 1st place Owen Larsen
U18 Mandolin 1st place Victoria Pierce
U12 Piano 1st place Rana Egan
U18 Miscellaneous 1st place Victoria Pierce
U15 Accompaniment 1st place Morien McBurnie
U18 Accompaniment 1st place Adrienne O'Shea
U12 Bodhrán 1st place Zachariah Vandermeuse-Sitecki
U15 Ceili Band Drums 1st place Cathal Mee
U15 Flute Slow Airs 1st place Ava Sackaroff
U18 Flute Slow Airs 1st place Adrienne O'Shea
U15 Whsitle Slow Airs 1st place Carmen Pasquerella
U18 Whistle Slow Airs 1st place Adrienne O'Shea
U18 Singing - Irish - Ladies 1st place Adrienne O'Shea
U18 Singing - English - Ladies 1st place Adrienne O'Shea
O18 Singing - English - Ladies 1st place Aja McCullough Beers
O18 Lilting 1st place David Ochs
O18 Recitation 1st place Nick Coleman
U18 Fiddle 2nd place Joe DeGeorgeo
U18 Button Accordion 2nd place Ian McKenna
U15 Flute 2nd place Ava Sackaroff
U12 Tin Whistle 2nd place Nevellie Larson
U12 Harp 2nd place Gabby Pasquerella
U18 Tenor Banjo 2nd place Victoria Pierce
O18 Miscellaneous 2nd place Mike O'Connor
U18 Accompaniment 2nd place Victoria Pierce
U18 Flute Slow Airs 2nd place Carmen Pasquerella
U12 Singing - Irish - Ladies 2nd place Rana Egan
U15 Singing - Irish - Ladies
2nd place Maisie Simons
U18 Singing - Irish - Ladies 2nd place Fiona Flagstad
O18 Fiddle 3rd place David Ochs
U12 Tin Whistle 3rd place Ginger Anderson
U18 Tin Whistle 3rd place Fiona McKenna
U15 Tenor Banjo 3rd place Derek Anderson
U15 Accompaniment 3rd place Liam O'Shea
U18 Singing - English - Ladies 3rd place Fiona McKenna

Additional Competitors

U12 Accompaniment Rana Egan
U12 Tin Whistle
Ciara O'Shea
U12 Tin Whistle
Gabby Pasquerella
U15 Tin Whistle
Katie Glazer
U15 Tin Whistle Ava Sackaroff
U15 Tin Whistle
Morien McBurnie
U15 Harp Finn Coleman
U15 Duet
Derek Anderson
U15 Trio Ginger
U15 Trio Nevellie
U18 Singing - English - Ladies Fiona Flagstad
U18 Fiddle
Fiddle Slow Airs
Singing - English - Ladies
Julia DeGeorgeo
U18 Fiddle Nadia Simons