2021 Common Tunes

Below you’ll find the 2021 collection of CIM Common Tunes! We recommend listening to the fast tracks many times, and then playing along with the slow tracks to learn the notes. The sheet music and chords are provided as an aid in learning, but things like pickup notes, transitions, and endings sometimes cause small discrepencies in how we choose to simply write out the tune, so we recommend using the 'dots' as a tool, but not a definitive source. We hope you enjoy this collection, and be sure to check out the archive for more! 

SLIDES - Denis Murphy's & The Road to Lisdoonvarna

​sheet music with chords 
fast recording (video)
1. Denis Murphy's -  slow recording
2. The Road to Lisdoonvarna - slow recording

HORNPIPE/BARNDANCE - Pride of Petravore & The Road to the Isles

sheet music with chords 
fast recording (video)
3. Pride of Petravore - slow recording
4. The Road to the Isles - slow recording

POLKAS - Jimmy Doyle's & John Collins' Fancy

sheet music with chords 
fast recording (video)
5. Jimmy Doyle's - slow recording
6. John Collins' Fancy - slow recording

JIGS - Humors of Drinagh & Will You Come Home with Me?

sheet music with chords
fast recording (video)
7. Humors of Drinagh - slow recording
8. Will You Come Home with Me? - slow recording